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First impressions

A group of very talented students have created a brilliant fusion of visual art and science bridging Psychology and Informatics that I think embodies the type of creativity Edinburgh University is all about. -Prof John M. Henderson Psychology

Great! Beautiful and thought provoking installation. - Mark Wright

Innovative & Inspiring. The future of film editing. -Dr Tim Smith

Interesting I get fixated and want to watch again and again!
- Santosh Msc Informatics



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Friday 21st March



collagepremiereThank you for your comments!


Tuesday 25th March

repeat showing


Love it! Mike + Great Vision! Jorge + Brill! Matt +
I could spend all day here... Charmaine Gilbert + Interesting Audio use! + Amazing! Well Done. Dimitrius + Good job! Turned out really impressive. I’m happy I could be part of this! Joanna R+ I track therefore eye am. D. Arnold + We did it. Parag + Really liked it! Chris Macleod + Vision & Audio marry really well EXCELLENT! Andy + Fascinating stuff! + Cool! + An amazing concept.+ Very cool if rather overwhelming- Alex + “ ’scuse me, you got a light?!” Good work love Georgia + Thanks for a super fun few weeks, it’s looking great! Heather Sx + Really enjoyed it! + Nice experience can become popular in the future.- Christos+Really interesting –Kate + Congratulations on a fascinating project! Heste + Love the space frame/ Great life path! Richard Coyne + Awesome job Stef! Crazy pays off! Doug Mastin + All tracker, no seizure “sweet” + Great work – Varum Please let me know the next piece. + Karolina Malynovsky- Love it. Inspiring.+ Wow! Elizabeth + Not what I expected at all. I’m so impressed and looking forward to seeing it again! Micheala + Love the sound of bacon frying-wish someone would cook breakfast for me! Fantastic experience Stephanie. Anita+ Gandolf- fun doing it! Polly want a tracker. + From Aberdeen Hi! Sean Hi Gavin + Great + Intriguing experience + Thank You. Eva + An absorbing abstraction. Daniel + Intriguing + Exciting stuff + Excellent exhibition. Thanks. George + Very Cool. Jesu + Really Interesting. Brother Bruno + Wish I could have loaned my eyeballs. Great stuff! sgbt + Fascinating. Fernande Ferreira + Really Interesting + very Interesting + Fascinating + Bright Side fx! Sharam + Immersive Trippy! Call theTATE Modern + Tres interesting Anabel + Really impressive + Brilliant +

Sunday 8th June 08

Leith Film festival 08

has been invited to the
Leith Short Film Festival 08
Date: Sunday 8th June 2008
Time: 5:30-7:30pm
Venue: The Granary, Shore, Leith